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November 23, 2021 3 min read

Where Are Odors Hiding In Your Home?

Your regular cleaning routine is tried and true: you sweep the nooks and crannies that hide the dust bunnies, sheets go in the wash once a week and you wipe your kitchen and bathroom surfaces regularly with your favorite cleaners forodor removal. But no matter how much you clean, you still catch a whiff of other unpleasant smells.

So just where are those funky odors coming from?  

Homes can develop a variety of disagreeable odors over time that require serious attention from sources like:

  • drain/sewage
  • gas leaks
  • mold 
  • mildew

But there are other smells that can become a part of the home when items need greater cleaning care or they’ve been stored in areas with poor ventilation.  

Source 1: Damp kitchen and bathroom mats and towels 
Daily foot traffic and constant dampness from showers and handwashing all contribute to smelly bathroom and kitchen linens. While they admittedly offer both practical and aesthetic benefits to these much-used living spaces, they can be a source of unpleasant odors. Sometimes running them through the laundry machine just won’t get rid of the smells.

Nutroz ozone cleaning technology can help freshen these items between washes.  

Source 2: Smelly hockey and football gear 
A jam-packed hockey or soccer tournament schedule leaves no room for traditional wash-and-dry cycles, but the stench that accompanies that equipment as it airs out in your basement (or garage, or living room, or mud room) can be hard to stomach. If you’ve ever wished for a magical equipment deodorizer, you’re not alone. 

Nutroz uses ozone technology to eliminate odors so you don’t need to air dry sweat and body odor from sports equipment.

a man putting a sport equipment on Nutroz deodorizer device


Source 3: Musty-smelling seasonal clothing
Many of your household items are on a cycle: jackets, boots, mittens, scarves and hats go through the laundry at the end of the season to be stowed away for the warmer months. But despite this annual preparation ritual, they might not come out smelling fresh and ready for wear.

Instead of doubling up on laundry cycles both pre and post-season, use Nutroz to freshen stale items when they are pulled out of storage.  

Source 4: Stale spare bed linens and towels
Some of our nicest bed sheets and towels are stored away in the back of our linen closets for months, sometimes years, before they’re used by guests. Even though they’ve been washed and dried after use, they tend to sit in a musty space collecting the aromas of the home. They might be clean but they’re not always fresh. 

A Nutroz ozone unit removes odors so you can be sure your guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay. 

Source 5: Pesky pet beds and accessories 
A nice long nap after a day at the park can result in one smelly dog bed. And after digging holes in the backyard and dancing around in the rain, muddy paws are often covered in odors you’d rather not bring into your home. Unfortunately, your fur baby harbors a host of odors, from their collars, leashes and toys to their plush bed, food dish and water bowl. 

Instead of putting them through the laundry every day, or even twice a day on a particularly soggy afternoon, use a Nutroz unit as a pet odor eliminator and deodorize these items with ozone regularly. We guarantee you’ll notice a difference in how fresh your home smells.

a brown furry dog sitting in a couch - Nutroz Ozone Technology

When the regular wash/dry cycle just doesn’t cut it, Nutroz cleans and freshens household items that hold stubborn smells. By incorporating ozone technology into your regular cleaning routine, you can cut down on laundry loads and ensure even the most difficult-to-clean household items won’t add to bad household odors. Contact us to find out more about how Nutroz’s patent-pending technology offers an innovative, effective and sustainable solution to eliminate stubborn and stagnant odors in your home.


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