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Nutroz Ozone Odor Removal Device

As seen on CNN, NBC and FOX News! Patent pending Nutroz is an enclosed, compact unit that uses ozone to freshen up, rejuvenate and deodorize household items by eliminating odor causing bacteria. No liquid, soap, heat or excess energy required. For sports equipment, household linens, pet accessories, camping and hunting gear, children's toys and more. Nutroz has a use for everyone. For adult use only.


  • 1 Nutroz ozone device
  • 1 Filter (Installed)
  • 1 Lid bracket


  • One hour cycle time 
  • 120V power cord 
  • Lid support bracket attachment included 
  • Modern, light-weight design 
  • Polycarbonate base and lid, lead and phthalate-free 
  • Water, soap and heat-free, energy-efficient ozone technology 
  • Enclosed unit actively converts ozone back to oxygen at the end of each cycle 
  • High-grade latch ensures ozone is contained within the unit 
  • Rigorously engineered and tested
  • Made in North America


    • 17.5"D x 29"W x 21"H / 44.5 cm D x 73.7 cm W x 53.4 cm H
    • 22 lbs / 10 kg

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Adam Sakihara
    Really helps to preserve things over time

    I bought a Nutroz machine not knowing what to expect and have never used something like this before. I was really happy when I first used it an put some awful smelling shoes and my fishing vest in, it made a big difference instantly. I use them for so many other unique things now to keep things clean and smelling fresh. I even saved a lot on my dry cleaning bill. Highly recommend!

    Dennis Rodriquez
    great invention

    Wow, who knew this existed.I was referred over by a friend to help keep things clean with my 3 dogs. I originally bought it for their toys and beds but ended up using it for so many other things. I've put my shoes, drapes (saved me a lot on dry cleaning) and even my heavy jackets. Such a good investment.

    Charles Moore
    Nutroz really saved me so much money!

    I've spent so much money over the years on the kids sports equipment and Nutroz really preserves the equipment so i'm not buying it multiple times in a year. We've already found so many uses for it - definitely worth it!

    Jennifer Mason
    Using for the past 6 months and love it!

    I've used Nutroz already for the past 6 months now and have enjoyed the experience - the Nutroz guarantee definitely helped in making my decision.

    kevin stoll
    Product works well

    Its worked on old pair of slippers to teenage sons well used goalie mask
    Pretty simple to use

    How Nutroz Eliminates Odors

    Nutroz is the premier way to smell better and have gear that lasts longer. Here’s how that happens:

    • Nutroz creates ozone
    • Through a process called oxidation, ozone eliminates the bacteria that cause odors
    • With the bacteria gone, shoes, sports equipment, and more are deodorized and refreshed.

    Good news: Nutroz even works on smoke and food smells too!

    Our Ozone Machine Applications — Put Nutroz to Work for you

    Nutroz is large enough to handle even the bulkiest sports equipment, and its domed lid even makes cleaning your dog’s bed a breeze. Still, with a footprint small enough to fit inside most laundry rooms or closets, Nutroz is making a better smelling life more convenient than ever. Here’s how to put Nutroz to work for you:

    • Athletic Shoes
    • Sports Equipment
    • Blankets and Pillows
    • Work Boots
    • Pet Beds and Accessories
    • Workout Gear
    • Smoke or Food Smells on Clothes

    Not everything can or should go into the washing machine, and detergents and sprays only mask bad smells with heavy perfumes. Nutroz is different. It’s the right way to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

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