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Bad smells can be hard to get rid of.

With Nutroz, it’s never been easier.
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“Nutroz has saved me hundreds of dollars annually. It does a better job dry cleaning than when i had it professionally done in the past. It saves on energy and operates without water, detergent, or chemicals.”

Jonathan T.
Founder and CEO

“Nutroz works quickly to remove stubborn odors in my yoga equipment. When I use Nutroz, I know that the built-up smell has gone away. It's also so simple to use and easy transport from the studio to my home.”

Cindy M.
Yoga Instructor

"Nutroz is an absolute game changer for sports equipment. My team always has fresh gear. I even bought one for home use for the kids sports gear and the pet toys and beds"

Ronnie M.
Hockey Equipment Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The lid bracket holds up the Nutroz lid and stores your power cord. Simply wrap it around to secure for ultimate portability and convenience.

The moderate pressure is required to lock and soundly seal the device so ozone doesn’t escape during the treatment cycle.

Notify us at either or call +1 (888) 708-7876 and provide: (1) The model number and serial number, (2) A description of the nature of any defect in the nutroz device or part, and (3) Evidence of the warranty start date. If it is determined that the warranty can be applied, you will be provided with a return authorization number and further instructions.

Ozone has a distinctive smell that humans can detect even in the smallest concentrations—as few as 10 parts per billion. The ozone smell is a sign that odor has been removed at its source. Nutroz is designed to prevent user exposure to high levels of ozone. To ensure optimum device performance of ozone filtration, change the filter as needed as described in the Nutroz user manual.

The time varies depending on the material. Scents on soft, porous items take longer to dissipate as they absorb far more ozone molecules than hard, non-porous surfaces. Some individuals may have high sensitivity to ozone and should take extra caution.

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