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November 23, 2021 3 min read

A Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional Laundry Methods
Next to the dishwasher, your washer and dryer are probably the two appliances you use and appreciate the most—and it’s been that way in households ever since washing machines were invented. Other than accessing a few new electronic features, not a lot has changed about how we do laundry over the years. Until now.  
Nutroz ozone units are changing the game when it comes to how we clean just about everything. 

With new cleaning protocols implemented in both public and private spaces, you might be looking for a more efficient and effective way to clean all the gear your family, pets and guests use in a day—and it adds up.

Here’s how Nutroz is leading a laundry revolution.

A convenient equipment deodorizer on the go
Imagine this: Your daughter’s busy hockey schedule means you have several out-of-town tournaments coming up. The hotels you’ve booked don’t offer a place to store hockey equipment, so you’ll have to air dry the contents of her bag in your hotel room between games and practices.  

To keep your hotel room from smelling like the locker room, take the Nutroz odor eliminator with you. Simply tuck it away in the corner of the hotel room and load it up with gear. You’ll hardly even notice it, and your daughter’s hockey gear will smell fresh after just one cycle.  

Keep your vacation rental property smelling fresh
With each booking you receive, you know that only means one thing—more cleaning. However, a tight turnaround time may leave you with fewer cleaning options. 

Instead of spritzing around an air freshener spray on those items that can’t be thoroughly cleaned between guests, toss those throw pillows and drapes into the Nutroz box. Within a few short hours, those items will be fresh-smelling and ready for your next booking. 

Banish pesky pet odors 
If you’ve got pets or you’re running a home-based pet business, like a dog-grooming business, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself battling stubborn pet odors. We’ve got two words: wet dog. Even if you stay on top of cleaning up after your animals, you may find that wet dog smell continues to linger. Plus, running an extra load of laundry every day for the dog beds can consume a lot of time and energy. 

With a Nutroz pet odor eliminator unit, you can toss those bulky beds, leather leashes and squeaky toys into the box and close the lid. The next time you pull them out, those unlovable pet odors are eliminated, leaving you with a fresh-smelling home or business.

image of a happy family in a living room - Nutroz Ozone Technology


Keeping kids things cleaner than clean in the new normal
Children, especially young ones, like to touch, taste and collect just about everything they come across at school and daycare. Washing hands when they first come home may be part of their routines, but what about all their stuff? It can be tiresome to thoroughly clean their belongings after a long day at work. 

Instead of handwashing and spraying their items when they come through the door, simply drop them into the Nutroz. The compact and modern design means the unit can go right in your front hall. Once the kids get home, load it up with all those hard-to-clean items and kill 90% of bacteria¹ from all the hard non-porous high-touch items like phone cases, pencil cases, backpacks and books.  

a woman standing stored stuff in a nutroz odor eliminator


Refresh those stored-away seasonal items
After being stored away for a few months, items like winter coats and boots can carry a musty, stale smell. If you wash these items before storing them, it can be redundant and an unnecessary chore to wash them again as soon as you pull them out. 

Skip that extra cycle through the laundry machines and place them in your Nutroz instead. Transitioning between seasons will take less time and cause less interruptions in your day-to-day laundry routine.  

When you clean items with a Nutroz ozone unit, you’ll enjoy more free time, lower electricity bills and fewer tasks on your to-do list. Our patent-pending ozone technology is an innovative method that rejuvenates and deodorizes your household items quickly and efficiently. 

Contact us to learn more about what ozone technology can do to help you spend more time doing what you love and less time loading and unloading the washing machine. 


¹(Tested on a glass surface. Applies only when 100% of items inside Nutroz are non-porous and pre-cleaned to remove gross soilage).


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