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November 03, 2021 3 min read

Have you ever walked into a room and caught a whiff of something that makes your eyes water and then you scan the room for the source of that unpleasant odor? Maybe it’s the dog’s bed on a rainy weekend or your son’s socks after playing soccer. We’ve all been there. 

Now, imagine picking up that smelly item, dropping it into an odor-removing unit, closing the lid and pulling it out smelling fresh and completely odor free. That’s what an ozone unit can do for you. But just exactly is ozone and how do ozone units work?

Everything you need to know about ozone

Ozone is simply oxygen, only it’s activated. To create ozone, all that’s needed is an oxygen (O2) molecule and an energy source, such as electricity, photosynthesis or UV radiation from the sun.

When the oxygen molecule reacts with an energy source, it splits into two single oxygen atoms. These two atoms pair up with the other oxygen molecules, forming clumps of three-oxygen-atom molecules, which we call ozone. Ozone is also known as trioxygen (O3).  

This is the interesting part. When odor molecules collide with ozone, one of the three oxygen molecules from the ozone transfers to the odor molecules. This collision changes the composition of each molecule, resulting in a chemical reaction called oxidation. The oxidation process is really effective at removing bad smells that can cling to certain materials in your home, like sweat, campfire smoke, or strong food smells.

How does an ozone box work and become an odor eliminator?

To demonstrate how effortless the ozone unit is, here is the process in three simple steps:

Step 1: Drop your shoes, sports gear and dog bed into the box, close the lid and turn it on.

Step 2: Once the unit is powered on, the electricity and oxygen from the air get to work creating ozone while combating odor-causing bacteria lingering on your personal and household items.

Step 3: Once the cycle is complete, remove your items from the ozone device and all traces of odor-causing bacteria will be gone, leaving your clothes, gear and other items smelling fresh.

There’s no need for soaking, scrubbing or using chemically scented, odor-masking sprays. It’s just an easy-to-use lightweight unit that removes stubborn odors quickly and efficiently.

The many benefits of oxidation 

Besides removing everyday odors at home, oxidation is a highly versatile antimicrobial agent that’s commonly used for disinfecting on a large scale. Oxidation applications can be seen in various commercial and industrial settings, such as: 

  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Restoration services
  • Air purification
  • Food processing and food preservation factories
  • Agriculture and aquaculture settings
  • Medicine and aesthetic productions

About Nutroz  

Nutroz brings the industrial strength of oxidation to you in a portable, easy-to-use unit. We use the benefits of ozone to deodorize and remove 99% of  E.Coli and 90% of  S. Aureus (1.) in the items around your home. Our innovative technology has been rigorously engineered and tested and is proudly made in North America. For more information on Nutroz or ozone technology, please visit our website.  

(1.) (Tested on a glass surface. Applies only when 100% of items inside Nutroz are non-porous and pre-cleaned to remove gross soilage).

Are you looking for a natural solution for removing odor in your home? Nutroz can help! Our ozone unit is light-weight, portable and perfect for those looking for effective, sustainable ways to deodorize hard-to-clean items, including sports equipment, bedding and pet beds.

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