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November 01, 2021 2 min read

As a busy parent, you’re already a chef, a tutor, a taxi driver, a janitor and everything else that it takes to run your household. You probably don’t want to add equipment cleaner to your list of roles. Fortunately, Nutroz takes this on so your family can enjoy fresh clothing and gear—in a way that’s even more sustainable than regular cleaning and washing.

Did you know every time you do a load of laundry, fibers are washed away along with the dirt and suds? This can lead to your clothes wearing out sooner than they need to, and the material that sheds during a wash cycle is also one of the biggest sources of marine microplastic pollution. In fact, these fibers in the water stream contribute to an estimated 35 per cent of the microplastics in the world’s oceans. If you have an active household, that can really add up.


a nutroz ozone device full of baby stuff

What are microplastics? 

The clothes you wear shed fibers and create debris in your washing machine. Some of the materials that shed from your clothing can be harmful to the environment. Plastic microfibers—or microplastics—often come from synthetic textiles. Some of the most common synthetic materials causing microplastic pollution are: 

  • Nylon

  • Polyester

  • Fleece

  • Acrylic

  • Rayon

  • Spandex article also states that the production of natural fibers such as cotton use large quantities of water, pesticides and herbicides and that the wastewaters of the textile industry have been recognized as sources of chemical pollutants for quite some time now. 

If you’re been looking for ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, altering how often you do the laundry is a simple change that can make a big difference.


a woman standing and a nutroz ozone device in washing area


Developing more sustainable laundry habits

There are a few ways you can help reduce the amount of microplastics and microfibers in the environment, including using laundry bags, dryer balls or microfiber laundry filters and by reducing laundry loads and cycles. Less laundry means less water and detergent use - and less microfiber pollution. 

Skip the washing machine whenever possible. If you’re short on time but big on doing your part to take care of the environment,  Nutroz can be a big help. This unit — free of water and detergent — removes stubborn odor-causing bacteria from hard-to-clean items around the home.

Saving you time and money

Nutroz also saves you money by reducing the need to purchase odor-fighting products. Instead of tossing sneaker balls into your husband’s sweaty running shoes or covering them in a chemical-laced shoe spray, simply drop them into the Nutroz unit, close the lid, press start, and walk away. When the cycle’s complete, the shoes will be free of odor-causing bacteria (and less likely to make your eyes water). 

With Nutroz, you can say goodbye to stinky shoes, smelly sports gear and - more importantly - wastewater riddled with pollutants and chemical odor removers. It really is that easy to enjoy the activities and clothes you love most in a way that’s simple and more sustainable.

Nutroz is leading a revolution to refresh your life. Contact us today and discover all the ways we can save you time, keep your home smelling fresh, and extend the life of your family’s most-cherished stuffies, sports gear and clothing.

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