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January 12, 2022 3 min read

Close your eyes and think about that moment when you opened your vehicle’s back hatch and was taken aback by the smell of your dog’s muddy blanket from that rainy camping weekend or  thefootball or other sports gear you accidentally left in the car overnight. 

Now imagine there’s a way to let that odor disappear quickly and naturally right at home. As more people look for laundry alternatives that are gentler on fabrics and better for the environment, it’s easy to see why ozone odor removal is becoming so much more common in North American households.

Using ozone to refresh your clothes and sports gear is a new way of laundering, but you’ll only need to see it in action once to become a believer.

Ozone is all around us
Three oxygen atoms; that’s all ozone is. It exists naturally and it can also be man-made.

Ozone naturally neutralizes odor-causing bacteria
Using electricity, Nutroz converts the air inside your Nutroz unit from oxygen to ozone — at a concentration that destroys odor-causing bacteria. Through a process called oxidation, ozone breaks through the cellular walls of bacteria so your fabrics can say farewell to common odors, such as sweat, smoke and even food. 

Ozone goes deeper
Our gentle yet powerful odor removal method reaches surfaces other cleaners can’t, without harsh scrubbing, high-heat drying or dry cleaning.

Odor Eliminating Ozone Device

With ozone penetrating deeper to refresh everything from beloved wool sweaters to cherished one-eyed teddy bears, Nutroz brings a host of benefits to the health of your home and the health of the environment.

  • It extends the life of your clothes by cleaning gently yet more effectively
  • It reduces microfiber pollution that occurs when small particles of fleece, for example, move into the water stream through traditional laundering
  • It saves on water, soap and energy use. In fact, Nutroz uses just 25 watts of power compared to the average wash cycle, which uses 500 watts and 19 gallons of water.

  Eliminating Home Smells

Read more about all the ways Nutroz is kind to the earth and our bodies in our article Nutroz: For a more sustainable lifestyle.

Ozone gently gets rid of odors in just about anything
Anything that you would put in your washer or take to the dry cleaners can get an incredible, natural refresh with ozone, including:

  • Clothes
  • Sports equipment
  • Stuffed animals
  • Camping and hunting gear
  • Pet beds and accessories
  • Blankets and bedding

Learn more about how easy our ozone units are to use in our article Ozone Units: What are they and how do they work?

Our neutralizing ozone system meets the highest standards
Long before our ozone removal system appeared on major media networks like NBC, Fox and CBC, we did extensive and rigorous third-party testing to prove Nutroz could eliminate bad odors with ozone. Nutroz also meets compliance standards across North America.

We know your family’s wellbeing means everything to you. We’ve taken great care to test and demonstrate the efficacy and usefulness of Nutroz so you can get rid of bad odors with total peace of mind.

In fact, ozone odor removal and disinfection is so mainstream, a range of industries are using it to help promote sustainability. Learn more in this article about the environmental benefits of ozone use for industry.

Are you ready to save time and money eliminating odours with your household’s most used items? In just one hour Nutroz eliminates the worst odor-causing bacteria without liquid, soap, high heat or excess energy. Order your Nutroz unit and get fresh!

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