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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty:

How it works: 
Nutroz is covered for 1-year limited warranty under our standard product warranty. For peace of mind, we offer an additional two-year extended warranty at the time of purchase; same terms and conditions apply. 

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The warranty period for any device replaced or refurbished under this warranty shall be the remainder of the original warranty period. 

This warranty does not cover filter kits or any other part of the device that is, by its nature, meant to be consumed in the operation of the device. 

Replacement shipping is covered within the USA (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S Territories) for any product covered by your warranty.

Filing a warranty claim: 

Contact us by email at or call +1 (888) 708-7876 

We are currently out of stock. If you are interested in being notified when we have a Nutroz device available please contact us at

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