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August 04, 2022 5 min read

Working out is hard enough on its own. Whether you run, lift weights, do pilates, or find another way to move your body, you know the time, energy, and effort it takes to make it happen. Working out can be difficult, but having gym clothes that don’t stink shouldn’t be. 

Why Your Gym Clothes Smell (Even After Laundry Day)

If you’ve worked out much at all, you know this frustration well. After spending a lot of money on shirts, shorts, tank tops, leggings, and more, you’ve probably noticed that they begin to smell bad ― even after you’ve washed them.Here’s why:

The Source of the Smell (it isn’t the sweat)

That’s right! The odor you smell in even “clean” workout clothes isn’t caused by sweat ―it’s odor-causing bacteria that are to blame. Here’s what’s happening when you workout:

As you know, it’s hard to get a good workout in without breaking a sweat. In fact, depending on the intensity of your workout, your gym clothes may be drenched by the time you’ve finished. Like most people, these clothes get tossed into a gym bag, laundry hamper, or hung up in the shower to dry. Eventually, they get washed and ready to be worn again. 

Over time, odor-causing bacteria begin to grow in hard-to-reach places ― like the seams of your favorite shirt or top. Seams or stitching are perfect places for the bacteria that cause bad smells to flourish, and the reality is that washing and drying aren’t the answer. 

Why Soap and Water Won’t Help

Intuitively, most of us think that if we can only wash the sweat away, the problem will be solved. But now that you understand sweat isn’t the real issue, you’re probably realizing why that won’t work.

Odor-causing bacteria cling to fibers and multiply over time.That’s the reason your gym clothes only seem to smell worse the more you wear them ― even when you wash them repeatedly.

Expensive detergents may seem like a solution, but they just mask odors with heavy perfumes and chemicals. Soap and water simply aren’t made to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.So what is?

Introducing Nutroz ― the easiest, most effective, way to get the smell out of your workout clothes

Nutroz is different. It uses ozone to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad smells.Here’s how it works:

Using the Power of Ozone to Make Your Clothes Smell Better

  1. After placing your dry, stinky workout clothes inside and closing the lid, Nutroz generates man-made ozone that permeates those hard-to-reach places where odor-causing bacteria lurk.

  2. Ozone kickstarts a process calledoxidation that actually eliminates the bacteria that cause those embarrassing smells.

  3. 60 minutes later, when the cycle ends, your workout clothes will smell fresher than ever ― all without having to turn on the washing machine, buy detergent, or waste all that water.That’s the power of Nutroz!

FAQ: How Does Nutroz Keep Ozone from Entering the Environment? 

Here’s everything you need to know:

Nutroz is anenclosed unit. After closing and locking the lid, the ozone that is generated is fully captured inside. Before the cleaning cycle ends,Nutroz actively converts ozone back to oxygen – all inside the unit! 

It’s a brilliant design that is only outmatched by how good your workout clothes smell once the cycle is complete. You deserve gym clothes that smell as good as new ― especially after investing a lot of money in them. With Nutroz, that’s what you’ll get.  

FAQ: Will Nutroz Help My Clothes Last Longer? 

It absolutely will – and there are several reasons why. Nutroz is perfect for gym clothes that may be too delicate for a washing machine ― like sports bras ― along with any other piece of workout gear that still smells no matter how many times you wash it.

Well-made, high-end, gym clothes aren’t cheap, and neither is replacing them. Nutroz extends the life of your favorite gear by making sure you can wear them longer ― no matter how much you sweat.

But there’s still one more way Nutroz helps your workout clothes last longer ― and it’s one many of us know from frustrating first-hand experience.

When you’ve done all you know to remove terrible odors from your gym clothes, throwing them away is often the last resort. Sometimes this feels like the only way to truly eliminate the odor.With Nutroz, you don’t have to toss out your perfectly good workout clothes just because they stink. 

Great-smelling gym clothes – from sports gear, sports bras and leggings to your favorite running shorts – are a lot less likely to wind up in the trash, which means you’ll be able to keep using them week after week and month after month.


FAQ: How Does Nutroz Pay for Itself? 

Nutroz pays for itself in three distinct ways that will add up quickly.

  • Energy Savings with Fewer Wash Loads

A traditional laundry cycle uses 500 watts of power and 19 gallons of water. Even if you’re only washing your workout clothes once a week, those energy costs add up quickly ― and it’s not even getting rid of the odor.

One Nutroz cycle uses 25 watts of power (and no water) to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. 

  • Detergents and Sprays

As someone with smelly gym clothes, you probably spend a good bit of money on detergents and sprays. But now you know the truth: these products simply mask bad smells for a short period of time. They don’t eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Nutroz is different. It uses the power of ozone to eliminate bad smells at the source. It’s time to say goodbye to cleaning products that don’t get the job done.

  • Workout Clothes that Last Longer

If you’ve felt the frustration of buying expensive gym clothes ― from the best brands to the highest quality ―  only to have bad smells make the unwearable over time, you’re not alone. Odor-causing bacteria can cause you to replace perfectly good workout clothes.

With Nutroz in your closet or laundry room, you’ll have the ability to refresh and deodorize your favorite gym gear whenever and wherever ― extending the life of your favorite workout clothes and preventing the need to buy replacements. 

Putting Nutroz to Work for You

It’s never been easier to have workout clothes that smell fresh and last longer, and now you can put Nutroz to work for you! 

Nutroz is the premier way to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad smells. You’ve tried soap and water, you’ve scrubbed, sprayed, and thrown it away.It’s time to put Nutroz to work for you. 

People trust Nutroz to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and help their workout clothes last longer. Now you can too. Order yours today. 

You deserve to smell great. With Nutroz, you will. 


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