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May 06, 2022 5 min read

No matter the season, and regardless of the sport, one thing is guaranteed:there will be some smells that seem impossible to eliminate. The things that stink will be coming from locker rooms and laundry baskets, or maybe from inside your home, gym bag, or car trunk. 

Question: Do you know what causes these odors in your sports equipment? 

Spoiler: it isn’t the sweat that stinks. The thing you smell is odor-causing bacteria, and it can be hard to eliminate.

That’s why spraying, washing, and even scrubbing leaves your favorite sports equipment smelling just as bad as it did before. The bacteria that cause bad smells lurk in small crevices and tight seams – whether it’s your favorite pair of cleats, a jersey, shoulder pads, goalie gloves, helmets, or skates.

Sports equipment is full of hard-to-reach places where bacteria hide and thrive –and most of the time you probably deal with it in one of three ineffective ways:

  1. You use odor-covering sprays that temporarily mask bad smells
  2. You risk damaging your equipment in the washing machine to make it smell better
  3. Or you throw your sports equipment away – not because it’s worn, but because it stinks

If you think there has to be a better, cleaner, and more sustainable way to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, you’re absolutely right – there is!

Nutroz – The True Sports Equipment Deodorizer

With Nutroz, eliminating odor-causing bacteria has never been easier. Nutroz harnesses the power of ozone – not water, sprays, or detergents – to eliminate bad smells. If ozone technology is new to you, don’t worry. This short explainer will tell you everything you need to know.

Ozone: It’s How Sports Equipment Gets Clean in Three Simple Steps
Best Odor Eliminator for Sports Equipment | NutrozStep 1: Nutroz creates ozone.
Step 2: ozone initiates a process called oxidation, eliminating the bacteria that cause odor.
Step 3: With the bacteria gone, your sports equipment will be left deodorized and refreshed.

Frequently Asked Question #1: How Does Nutroz Contain the Ozone it Creates?

This is one of the questions we hear most often, and it’s a good one. Here’s what you need to know:

Nutroz is an enclosed unit. Once you close and lock the lid, the ozone that is generated stays inside. One cleaning cycle lasts 60 minutes. Prior to the end of the cycle,  Nutroz actively converts ozone back to oxygen – all within the unit! 

It’s a brilliant design that is only outmatched by how good your gear smells once the cycle is complete. You deserve sports equipment that smells as good as new. With Nutroz, that’s what you’ll get. 

Nutroz – Best Sports Deodorizer for People Who are Sensitive to Strong Fragrances

That’s one more problem with so many sprays and detergents. In order to mask the odor, they rely on strong fragrances – things that many people are sensitive to.  But Nutroz is different.

Nutroz eliminates the bacteria that cause bad-smelling odors. With the odor-causing bacteria gone, there’s nothing left to cover up. That’s how Nutroz leaves your stuff smelling great without overpowering you with heavy perfumes or artificial scents.

Frequently Asked Question #2: Will Nutroz Help My Sports Gear Last Longer?

Yes, it will – and in more ways than one. Nutroz handles sports equipment that is too bulky to fit inside a washing machine – for example, the pads and helmets used in football, hockey, and lacrosse – as well as items that you’ve been encouragednot to wash (like running shoes, goalie gloves, and other items that can warp or deteriorate with traditional laundering).

Sports equipment isn’t cheap, and neither is replacing it. Nutroz extends the life of your favorite gear because it doesn’t require soap, water, or heat to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

But there’s still one more way Nutroz helps your sports equipment last longer – and it’s one many of us know from experience.

When you’ve done everything you know to remove terrible odors from your sports equipment, throwing it away is a last resort. Sometimes this feels like the only way to truly eliminate the odor.  With Nutroz, you don’t have to toss out your perfectly good sports equipment just because it stinks. 

Great smelling gear – from cleats and running shoes to your favorite workout t-shirts – is a lot less likely to wind up in the trash can, which means you’ll be able to keep using it week after week and month after month. 

Putting Your Worst-Smelling Sports Equipment to the Test

Best Odor Eliminator for Sports Equipment | Nutroz

Nutroz works on things that smell their worst, and sports equipment consistently tops that list. From athletes to parents of kids who play sports, getting the stink out of sports gear is a constant challenge, but that’s where Nutroz goes to work.

Here’s all it takes to have sports equipment that smells great and lasts longer:

Step 1. Place your worst-smelling sports equipment inside Nutroz. The large, domed, lid makes fitting even the bulkiest items easy.
Step 2. Close and lock the lid.
Step 3. Press the start button. The Nutroz cycle lasts 60 minutes.

Once the deodorizing cycle ends, you’ll notice that the smells you hadn’t been able to get rid of are gone. That’s because the odor-causing causing bacteria – the true source of those awful odors – has been eliminated. 

Frequently Asked Question #3: How Does Nutroz Help Me Save Money?

Nutroz pays for itself in three ways you’ll love more every time you use it.

  • Energy

Did you know that a traditional laundry cycle uses 500 watts of power and 19 gallons of water? With the need to clean sports equipment after every workout, game, or practice, those energy costs add up quickly. 

One Nutroz cycle uses 25 watts of power – and no water  – to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. 

  • Cleaning Supplies

If you are someone with smelly sports equipment, you probably spend an inordinate amount of money on cleaning supplies – from pricey sprays to expensive detergents. Ultimately, all these products do is mask bad smells temporarily. They don’t eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Nutroz is different. It relies on the power of ozone to eliminate bad smells at its source. Say goodbye to cleaning supplies that don’t get the job done.

  • Sports Equipment that Lasts Longer

If you’ve felt the frustration of buying expensive gear – from sleeping bags to hockey equipment – only for bad odors to make it unusable over time, you’re not alone. Odor-causing bacteria can cause you to replace perfectly good sports equipment.

With Nutroz on your team – and the ability to refresh and deodorize your sports equipment whenever and wherever – you’ll extend the life of your favorite gear. 

Best Odor Eliminator for Sports Equipment | Nutroz


Nutroz – The Best Odor Eliminator & Sports Equipment Deodorizer (Also an Ideal Gym Bag Deodorizer)

When it comes to convenience, sustainability, and innovation, Nutroz is the premier way to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad smells. You’ve tried soap and water, you’ve scrubbed, sprayed, and thrown it away. It’s time to put Nutroz to work for you. 

People trust Nutroz to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and help their sports equipment last longer. Now you can too. Order yours today. 

You deserve to smell great. With Nutroz, you will. 

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