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How Nutroz Eliminates Odors

Nutroz is the premier way to smell better and have gear that lasts longer. Here’s how that happens:

  • Nutroz creates ozone
  • Through a process called oxidation, ozone eliminates the bacteria that cause odors
  • With the bacteria gone, shoes, sports equipment, and more are deodorized and refreshed.

Good news: Nutroz even works on smoke and food smells too!

Our Ozone Machine Applications — Put Nutroz to Work for You

Nutroz is large enough to handle even the bulkiest sports equipment, and its domed lid even makes cleaning your dog’s bed a breeze. Still, with a footprint small enough to fit inside most laundry rooms or closets, Nutroz is making a better smelling life more convenient than ever. Here’s how to put Nutroz to work for you:

  • Athletic Shoes
  • Sports Equipment
  • Blankets and Pillows
  • Work Boots
  • Pet Beds and Accessories
  • Workout Gear
  • Smoke or Food Smells on Clothes

Not everything can or should go into the washing machine, and detergents and sprays only mask bad smells with heavy perfumes. Nutroz is different. It’s the right way to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

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