Put Your Smelliest Things Here.
We’ll Take Care of the Rest.

This is Nutroz – the premier way to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.


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Our money back guarantee:

It means you can put Nutroz to the test – on your smelliest clothes, stinkiest pet accessories, funkiest shoes, and more – for 30 days risk-free.

Nutroz Extends the Life of Your Favorite Things

Who’s Using Nutroz –

Active households, where odor-causing bacteria thrives and is hard to eliminate

Fitness studios, gyms, daycare centers, doctor’s office, and more

Anyone with sports gear, including shoes, pads, gloves, and more

In locker rooms, where sprays and detergents don’t work like Nutroz

People with pets and pet accessories – from toys to beds that trap odors

Any place bad odors – including smoke and food smells – exist

See Nutroz in action


Why replace it when you can refresh it with Nutroz?

Nutroz Ozone Device

The ultimate cleaning machine

17.5”D x 29”W x 21”H

44.5 cm D x 73.7 cm W x 53.4 cm H

22 lbs | 10 kg

Get Cleaning

What people say about our machines?

Real feedback from customers using our device.

“Nutroz is an absolute game changer for pet stuff and sports equipment. I've also been using it to refresh my jackets.”

“Nutroz has saved me hundreds of dollars annually. It does a better job dry cleaning without having to leave my home. It has low power consumption and operates without water, detergent, or chemicals.”

“Nutroz works quickly to remove stubborn odors in my sports equipment. When I use Nutroz, I know that odor causing bacteria have been eliminated.”

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