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You have some things that smell bad. We all do.

From shoes and sports gear to pet beds and blankets, bad smells can overwhelm your home, locker room, daycare, or workspace. The reason?  Odor-causing bacteria trapped in tight seams and crevices. 

Sprays mask bad odors and washing machines damage expensive items – all without killing the bacteria. 

The result?  You scrub things by hand, you buy expensive detergents, or you throw it in the garbage. In the end, time, money, and energy are all wasted.


    This is Nutroz – the premier way to eliminate odor-causing bacteria

    • A portable, enclosed, and easy-to-use system that kills odors at their source
    • Harnessing the power of ozone technology, Nutroz permeates the place UV light and washing machines can’t reach – where bad smells persist and worsen over time 
    • Deodorizes and refreshes your favorite things without water, soap, or heat
    • One hour cycle times mean no long waits for clean, great smelling, gear
    • Big enough to hold multiple items – and still fits easily in laundry, locker rooms, fitness studios, storage closets, and more
    • Save money, time, and energy (compared to traditional laundering with one washing and drying cycle)

    Why replace it when you can refresh it with Nutroz?


    • 1 Nutroz ozone device
    • 1 120V power cord
    • 1 filter (installed)
    • 1 lid bracket


    • Polycarbonate base and lid (lead and phthalate-free
    • Made in North America
    • Rigorously engineered and tested 
    • Actively converts ozone back to oxygen after each cycle


    • 17.5”D x 29”W x 21”H 
    • 44.5 cm D x 73.7 cm W x 53.4 cm H
    • 22 lbs
    • 10 kg
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    It means you can put Nutroz to the test – on your smelliest clothes, stinkiest pet accessories, funkiest shoes, and more – for 30 days risk-free. 


    "Nutroz has saved me hundreds of dollars annually. It does a better job dry cleaning without having to leave my home. It has low power consumption and operates without water, detergent, or chemicals."

    Cindy M.

    "Nutroz works quickly to remove stubborn odors in my sports equipment. When I use Nutroz, I know that odor causing bacteria have been eliminated.”

     Cathy S.

    Everyone deserves to smell fresh, feel clean, and have clothes and gear that last longer.  

    Nutroz eliminates odor-causing bacteria and extends the life of your favorite things.     

    It’s time to smell better. With Nutroz you will.